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IMAGINE Easytrace digitizing ceases to function in streaming mode

by Technical Evangelist on ‎05-25-2017 12:12 PM (555 Views)


IMAGINE Easytrace works as an automatic AOI digitizer in which you simply move your mouse pointer along a feature in the raster image without clicking and the software snaps the digitized line to the feature.


Easytrace streaming mode may gradually cease to auto-collect points after long digitizing sessions. Streaming point collection may begin to degrade to the point where auto-collection stops and the feature being digitized must be completed in manual point collection mode. 



When the streaming digitizing mode ceases to work correctly, saving the AOI should restore the streaming functionality.


Saving the AOI at regular intervals should allow for the uninterrupted use of Easytrace in streaming mode. Saving your work at regular intervals is a recommended practice regardless of the Easytrace digitizing mode used.