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IMAGINE Objective CPU Usage

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-26-2016 05:52 PM (692 Views)


When running IMAGINE Objective models the CPU isn't maxing out all cores. It only hits about 20% on 2 cores. Is there a setting or way to optimize this and make it use more CPU time? This is on an 8 core VM with 16 GB of RAM and RAM has never been maxed out either.


IMAGINE Objective runs in a single-thread. More CPUs on the machine do not help that much with IMAGINE Objective’s performance. Most, if not all, of the IMAGINE Objective algorithms are implemented in such a way that their memory usage is not optimized to use more of the currently available RAM on the computer, and in a way that they can be run successfully on a computer which meets the minimum computer specification requirements. More memory does not help IMAGINE Objective that much either.