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LAS file size (point number) limit in eATE

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-19-2019 07:31 PM (84 Views)


For very large stereo images, eATE runs but does not generate a LAS file, while it runs and generates good LAS data if I run it on a smaller extent or stop at a higher pyramid level. Is there a fixed size limit (point number limit) to LAS file format in eATE?


eATE generates LAS files in v1.3 format. And for LAS format version 1.3, the point limit is 2^16 or 2.1 billion points.


You can compute the expected number of points from the images. For example, if you set Point Sampling Density to 1 in eATE Process Engine Settings, the number of pixels in the image will be the number of points in the LAS file. However, even if you correlate every pixel in eATE, it may not find a match for every pixel. But this will still give you an indication if the expected number of points in the LAS file would exceed the LAS point limit or not.