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Landsat 8 data from USGS displays with very little contrast

by Technical Evangelist on ‎05-01-2018 10:17 AM (552 Views)


Landsat 8 data downloaded from USGS and imported into ERDAS IMAGINE using the “Landsat 4, 5, 7, or 8 from USGS” importer has very little contrast when displaying it in a 2D View. The background value of the data is -9999 and it has been set as the NoData value using the Image Metadata tool, but it does not make a difference in the contrast of the image.


Try using the Image Metadata tool to compute the image statistics again. Set the Ignore Value to -9999 and make sure that the X and Y skip factors are both set to 1. This will improve the contrast of the image when displaying it in ERDAS IMAGINE.


ERDAS IMAGINE > Home tab > Information group > Metadata menu > View/Edit Image Metadata 

Image Metadata tool > Edit menu > Compute Pyramid Layers/Statistics