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SAR OrthoRadar quits with error, IMAGINE 2011 and higher

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-15-2016 11:01 AM - edited on ‎03-21-2016 03:56 PM by Anonymous (423 Views)


While in the process of orthorectifying a SLC RADARSAT 2 image that has had speckle suppression applied, the OrthoRadar application quits when selecting this image after starting OrthoRadar.


Orthorectify Procedure:

  • Import the product.xml Radarsat2 image, remove speckle using a Gammamap 3x3 window, and saved the result to "prod_gammamap3x3.img" using a Gammamap 3x3 window and save the result to "prod_gammamap3x3.img". When starting OrthoRadar.
  • In the "Set Geo Correction Input File" window, click the from image file radio button and select "prod_gammamap3x3.img".
  • click OK

The viewer window starts, and then the SAR Geocode/Orthorectify Model Properites window starts but an error message window pops up. The message is: Invalid range sampling factor '200'. Value must be <= the SAR number of range samples '0'.  Click OK and another Error popup window opens saying: DLL was unable to create model info. Click OK, the SAR Geocode/Orthorectify window disappeared, although the viewer window stayed.




When applying the speckle suppression on the RADARSAT-2 image, the SAR Node is removed from the output image. The SAR Node is required for sensor specific geometric modeling, which is used by OrthoRadar.


Transfer the SAR Node from your imported RADARSAT-2 image to the despeckled image using the SAR Metadata Editor.


  • Open the SAR Metadata Editor (Radar > SAR Metadata Editor).
  • Select the imported RADARSAT-2 image as the Input SAR image.
  • Select the despeckled image as the Transfer SAR image.
  • Click the Transfer button to copy the SAR Node to your despeckled image.

The despeckled image can now be used with the OrthoRadar tool.