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Stopping an IMAGINE Process

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-15-2016 07:14 AM (739 Views)


How to stop an IMAGINE Process?


When a user has an ERDAS IMAGINE process running it shows up in a Process List dialog. It displays a list in a CellArray of the processes running under current session and the state of each process. You can clear from the list processes, which are already done, by clicking on a Dismiss button.


2016-07-15 15_30_19-Process List.png


To stop the process you should select it by clicking with a LMB on its Row number and click the Kill button. IMAGINE will automatically stop the selected process.


2016-07-15 15_31_18-Process List.png


You can select few processes using LMB+Shift or select all by clicking the Select All button.


Note! The process will not stop by clicking a Close button or a Close icon 2016-07-15 16_08_39-Process List.pngin a Process List dialog.

If you did this, you can always reopen the Proces List by clicking in IMAGINE Workspace

File>Session>Active Process List  2016-07-15 16_11_31-Untitled_1 - ERDAS IMAGINE 2016.png