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What information the block file (.blk) stores?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-01-2019 01:38 PM (133 Views)


Is there any information on what the block file (.blk) stores or what it can do?


The native project format for IMAGINE Photogrammetry is block file (.blk). Information about photogrammetric project and assets are written in the block file, these include:


  • Raster Imagery (Raw)
  • Raster Imagery (Calibrated)
  • Raster Imagery (Orthorectified)
  • Image IDs
  • Image Descriptions
  • TINs (masspoint and breaklines) Terrain Data
  • Control Points
  • Tie Points
  • Check Points
  • Interior Orientation Parameters
  • Exterior Orientation Parameters
  • Project Coordinate System
  • Project Average Flying Height
  • Project Extent
  • Sensor Models
  • Camera Information (calibration information)

And also, project information is written in the block file. For example, if you extracted a DTM, your selections are recorded in the block file, such as min/maz Z entry, information about seed points, accuracy, strategy, image pair list, DTM extent etc.


If you load your block file in HFA viewer and click root note, you will see all this information written inside the block file. You can access HFA Viewer from IMAGINE Home Tab->Information group->MetaData drop down list.