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eATE Merge not completing

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-27-2019 12:34 PM (153 Views)


I have a very large dataset. After very long eATE processing, eATE merge does not complete. However, all jobs have successfully finished and all intermediate .las files are created. How can I merge these files?


If you expect the merged .las file size would exceed LAS format version 1.3 limit, which is  2^16 or 2.1 billion points, eATE merge will not generate a LAS file.


To overcome this problem, you should do the merge in spatial modeler. Spatial modeler generates LAS files in version 1.4. And the version 1.4 LAS point limit is 2^64 or 1.8e19 points, which is much higher than LAS version 1.3 limit. Las merge spatial model is attached.

on ‎11-12-2019 02:11 AM

Hi, I am wondering why the eATE fail to create the final merge point cloud even the point sampling density is 16 pixels? The point clouds created doesn't exceed the maximum points you mentioned in the previous post!

Also, it also fails to return the raster file (.img)? what should I do? Thanks for your help!


fail to create the final merge las folder.png

by Technical Evangelist
on ‎11-13-2019 01:16 PM



Looking at your screencapture it looks like all the jobs are completed. If all the input .las files pointed in eATE_merge_0_0.xml are there, you can run eATE_merge.bat file manually. Or, start batch from IMAGINE,  add .bcf .bls and .xml files to start batch run. Or, use spatial modeller. Check if this will merge the files. If not, you can submit a support ticket through our support portal and we will help you.


Best Regards,


on ‎01-13-2020 10:21 PM

Hi Yasemin,


Thanks for your quick response and reply! May I know where can I run the eATE_merge.bat file manually? as I couldn't get the final merge .las file. Also, how can I get the raster file for my project? Thanks so much!