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eATE generates holes in forest areas

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-11-2019 02:35 PM (36 Views)


I am using eATE to extract DEM. I find some blank regions in forested and brushy areas. Are there settings to avoid this problem?


For forest areas make sure you check the "low contrast" option.  And try to correlate with gradient threshold 0 as it will generate more points. Correlating with no gradient threshold has the effect of forcing a correlation on every point. You could derive a new strategy for forested areas and delineate them with an AOI. In the strategy manager you will see the correlation coefficient start and end thresholds. If you reduce the correlation coefficient, you will get more points but more bad points as well. You may also modify the window size and search window as explained in Online Help.


However, forested and brushy regions cause most problems generally in ATE. It is very difficult to find consistent matches within such a large variation in pixel values. eATE might not generate dense points in such regions, however it is better to be more sparse with good results rather than leaving in suspect points. We have derived the best results from forested areas using either NIR or FCIR images using eATE.


You may also try SGM algorithms to see if you get better results.