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IMAGINE UAV version 1.4.0 for ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 Release Announcement

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-27-2017 07:57 AM (2,171 Views)

GEOSYSTEMS announces the immediate release of IMAGINE UAV version 1.4.0 for ERDAS IMAGINE 2016, providing new features and support for all ERDAS IMAGINE tiers.


IMAGINE UAV is an embedded workflow within ERDAS IMAGINE that is visible and usable in all ERDAS IMAGINE tiers through the IMAGINE UAV tab in the ERDAS IMAGINE toolbox, as well as with a custom layout in the Layout Gallery.


IMAGINE UAV automatically processes UAV data within ERDAS IMAGINE. Fully automated computation of ortho mosaics, point clouds and digital surface models run by a spatial model that connects to the photogrammetric algorithms within Agisoft PhotoScan. It also generates IMAGINE Photogrammetry blockfiles, which can be directly used in IMAGINE Photogrammetry, StereoAnalyst for IMAGINE and StereoAnalyst for ArcGIS. In combination with ERDAS IMAGINE Professional, IMAGINE UAV opens the Spatial Modeler with a preloaded chain of operators. The workflow may be expanded by user-specific additional algorithms or workflows in Spatial Modeler.


IMAGINE UAV version 1.4.0 for ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 can be downloaded at


A step-by-step guide for the IMAGINE UAV workflow is included in the ERDAS IMAGINE documentation portal.