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Accepted Solution

Error reading histograms

We just upgraded to Windows 10 and loaded ISAT version 16.00.0000 build 347.


When running auto-correlation with the Auto Stretch Images box checked on, the program runs successfully. However I get numerous error messages saying:  Error reading histogram of image . Of course, these messages do not occur when the Auto Stretch option is not selected.


Any ideas?

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Error reading histograms

Generally you don't want to use this option when processing automatic triangulation matching. This option is for extremely washed out images with very poor contrast and texture.  It is curious however that you are getting the many errors. It may be a case where you would like to start a service request as this may require we pursue this further in support:


Here is the link:


product: ISAT - ImageStation Automatic Triangulation


Please register if you have not already done so.

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Re: Error reading histograms

This problem was due to a bug in the underlying imaging library (ZIRFL). It has been corrected for the 2017 release. Your ISAT matching process will still work, its just that the Auto-stretch will not get applied. As Dan mentioned, that option is typically not necessary anyway unless the input imagery is extremely poor and/or featureless.