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Registered: ‎05-11-2016

ISOP - "Rectify.exe" exited with a status 0xc000007b

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Has somebody encountered following error message while rectifying images by ISOP?


Starting Command:
"C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ImageStation OrthoPro 2016\Rectify.exe" -i "E:\Temp\Atldorf\Images\8_3818.tif" -R "8" -p "8_3818" -b "E:\Temp\Atldorf\ISPhotoTX" -M -E "E:\TempUsr\EleE287.fof" -z -F 0 -r bi -f 2 -s 0.118061006572780 -D -a 30.536299 -O "E:\TempUsr\PrjB0FB.csf" -o "E:\Temp\Atldorf\O8_3818.tif" -T tiff -w 2 -u 256 -v 99 -y average -A "" -e CSRectPhotoSuicideEvent -P "CSRectPhotoProgressSendEvent 10 CSRectPhotoProgressRecvEvent"
"C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ImageStation OrthoPro 2016\Rectify.exe" exited with a status 0xc000007b.


I have checked system event viewer, but there is no additional message.


I am sure this is not because of data, I have processed same data in ISOP 2015.

I guess ISOP must be conflicting with something, but I can't find what it is.


Does anyone have experience on how to overcome this issue?


Thanks in advance.





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Re: "Rectify.exe" exited with a status 0xc000007b


Is this the same system with an upgrade to 2016 software as apposed to the data working on 2015? Is all software's on the machine at the 2016 level? Can you try to run rectify with the surface files removed and using just project average elevation for the void coverage to see if it will process? This is always a quick check to try to determine if there is a problem with coordinate system definition or surface data. We can go from there and create a service request for support. 

Posts: 48
Registered: ‎05-11-2016

Re: "Rectify.exe" exited with a status 0xc000007b


I have used project average elevation to ortho rectify images, same output.

The machine is set up in July, all geospatial softwares are 2016.

I have submitted a service request for support: 1-1899574451.