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Imagestation GPS/INS vertical shift per block

Can anyone explain how to analyse the results from running an adjustment with gps/ins vertical shift per block?  Where I would expect to see small residual values in the z direction at check points, I am seeing larger residuals.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Imagestation GPS/INS vertical shift per block

The shift per block is used when there may be a systematic difference in the sytem used for the airborn vs. the control system. If you have enough control points it computes a shift. Drift is pretty obsolete now with the new sat proceedures.


You should be able to see results of the computed shift in the Tabs: GPS and INS in the PhotoTriangulation form.


If you apply it and the solution is worse, then don't apply it. If you have enough control you might try not using the IMU angles and run another ajustment. You may do this by raising the standard deviation values for the angles or changing them to -1 which will tell the software to not use them altogether.