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Module/Tool to read project in ImageStation v4.1 - v4.5

Hi there, 


Now we have many project file in ImageStation v4.1 - v4.5. I want to look for an automatic tool to read them and export to DSM (Grid Elevations). 


Does ImageStation has module to address my requirement? If have, please tell me about them.


Hope to get help from everyone


Thanks and regard




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Re: Module/Tool to read project in ImageStation v4.1 - v4.5


There are two ImageStation products that automatically produce elevation data; ISAE and ISAE-Extended. The former uses feature-based matching image correlation methods to produce a sparse grid, by default at 30 pixel intervals but can go as low as every 10 pixels. The output can be written to a variety of formats, including ASCII, DGN, and DTM. The latter uses semi-global matching image correlation to produce a dense point cloud in LAS format. It attempts to make a match for every pixel in the stereo model. 


ISAE-Extended is a superset of ISAE, i.e. it includes both products. If you only need the sparse grid then ISAE can be purchased separately.