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Could you tell me about "Band to Use (Parameters)" in ISAT Control Panel?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎03-14-2016 01:58 PM (397 Views)


Could you tell me about "Band to Use (Parameters)" in ISAT Control Panel?
When I use color images, I choose "Intensity" at "Band to Match". And, When I used mono color images, I choose "Red or Green or Blue" at "Band to Match". In a word. When I scanned mono color images with green band, I select Green. Is this choice recommended?


If you are using 24-bit color imagery, then yes, Intensity is the best option to use as it uses a weighted average of all 3 bands which in most cases provides the most image detail. When working with composite images, green USUALLY works best for normal color photography, it simply depends on the nature/content of the imagery. One way to test would be to run a small portion of the block through with a different band selected for each process and note the number of matches being made in the log file.