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What is the processing method for Quickbird of ImageStation?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎04-08-2016 12:44 PM - edited on ‎09-21-2017 06:37 AM by Technical Evangelist (768 Views)


What is the processing method for Quickbird of ImageStation?
My customer is looking for solutions to process for QuickBird Image. I want to know processing method for Quickbird of ImageStation. I know that Competition software(Erdas Imagine) is possible for using both RPC(such as IKONOS) and Ephemeris data for modeling of QuickBird images. What is possible processing method in ImageStation Software(ISDM-QuickBird Triangulation)? Is it avalilable both methods such as competition software for QuickBird Image? And my customer is using ImageStation 3.2 Version. if they want to purchase ISDM-QuickBird, is it possible to install ISDM-QuickBird on ImageStation 3.2 version? otherwise, What should they do to use for ISDM-QuickBird


All satellite sensors have ephemeral data which we use to create the photos with their initial approximations in object space. These parameters are stored in the the form of Rational Function Coefficients. One could then go straight to stereo display and feature collection but the fit wouldn't be very good. With ISDM-QB you can then enter MultiPhoto Orientations to measure control points, and then use Triangulation to compute a bundle adjustment and update the RFCs.

The customer would have to upgrade to 4.1 ISPM, ISDM, ISDM-QB