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Windows 10 "Creator” version update ,it cripples the stereo display

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-05-2017 02:00 PM (1,952 Views)



After loading the Windows 10 update, referred to as “Windows 10 Creator,” it cripples the stereo display by causing the right main and overlay planes to fail to display.



This is due to loading the specific System - Windows 10 Pro 1703 (Sys.Build 15063.413) update.


If you install this update there is currently no other recourse but to drop back to an earlier version of Windows 10 Pro. NVIDIA has been notified of the situation.

on ‎07-28-2017 07:22 AM

It seems that there is a new nvidia driver release(385.08). Does anyone know if this resolved the issue?

by Technical Evangelist
on ‎08-31-2017 01:05 PM

Yes, Nvidia driver 385.08 or higher resolves this issue.

on ‎01-26-2021 05:47 AM

al instalar la version de isat 2013 y stereo display en windows 10, con una tarjeta nvidia m2000 si funciona se instalo , el stereo display funciona bien  pero el isat al momento de estar en el panel de control y hacer la correlacion no corre se cuelga y sale un mensaje de FACILYTI-ITF La version de informacion de kernel proporcionada no e svalida.  a que se debe...

on ‎01-26-2021 06:02 AM

That version of ImageStation doesn't support Windows 10, it only went up to Windows 8 and even then there weren't proper stereo capable drivers at the time. You'll need a newer version of ISAT.




by Technical Evangelist
‎01-26-2021 06:05 AM - edited ‎01-26-2021 07:08 AM

ImageStation 2013 was tested with Windows XP, 7, and 8 - but not Windows 10, as Windows 10 hadn't been released yet.  ImageStation 2016 was the first version to support Windows 10.  To run on Windows 10 I'd recommend that you move up to the latest version of ImageStation, which is ImageStation 2020.  This will provide the latest fixes, features, and operating system support.