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ImageStation Automatic Elevations DSM and GeoMedia 3D Tutorial

by Technical Evangelist ‎09-18-2020 07:01 AM - edited ‎10-15-2020 06:56 AM (243 Views)

ISAD and GeoMedia 3D Tutorial Data

This dataset is for the ImageStation Automatic Elevations DSM and GeoMedia 3D tutorial. This dataset is a zip file and it is approximately 3.7 GB. Click the Download link below to download the zip file to your computer. Once the download has completed, unzip the tutorial dataset to C:\Training\ImageStation (the resulting full path to the data set should be C:\Training\ImageStation\ISAD and GM3D).



ISAD and GeoMedia 3D Tutorial Document

This tutorial document presents a workflow depicting the extraction of a dense point cloud surface and raster file using the Semi-Global Matching (SGM) capabilities of ImageStation Automatic Elevations DSM. After the processing is complete, we’ll show how you can ingest the surfaces into GeoMedia 3D for analysis and fly-throughs, and display the raster file in GeoMedia.