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Claiming a node-locked 2018 Activation ID and activating it from the application licensing wizard.

by jmorris ‎09-18-2018 12:54 PM - edited ‎09-19-2018 11:38 AM (968 Views)


How to claim a node-locked 2018 Activation ID license and activate it from the application licensing wizard?


The Hexagon Geospatial version 2018 products use a new licensing methodology that no longer requires license (.lic) files.  The new licensing method uses an Activation ID that is claimed from the Licensing Portal for the application that you wish to license. If your license is node-locked then it can be activated using that Activation ID directly from the licensing wizard that is displayed upon first run of the application (after the application is installed).


Note: Commercial sales of ERDAS IMAGINE are limited to concurrent licenses only, so this article does not apply if you are running ERDAS IMAGINE as a customer of a commercial (non-educational) account.


The steps for obtaining a node-locked license Activation ID for a 2018 application and then activating that license via the application licensing wizard are described below.


  1. Login in to the Licensing Portal using your Hexagon Geospatial Community login/password via the URL: https://hexagongeospatial.force.com/licensingportal


  1. Use the Version field (in the upper left of the page) to set the desired version as ‘2018 (16.5.x)’.


  1. Now click the 'wrench' icon to the left of the expanded entry for the product that you wish to license and choose the ‘Claim Keys (Version 2018 (16.5.x))’ option.


  1. When the Claim Keys dialog is displayed enter the desired options (described below).

 - The Contact field allows you to enter a contact to assign the claimed license. The Contact list is searchable for contacts associated to your account and you can create new contacts here as well. The email address for the contact entered in this field will be sent a copy of the Activation ID email if you use the Email option to send the Activation ID to yourself.


- The Tags and Departments fields are searchable fields that you can use for your own purpose to organize your licenses. These fields are searchable.


 6. After setting the desired Claim Keys options, select the "CLAIM KEYS" button. When the generation of the keys (i.e. Activation Ids) completes, a dialog is displayed with the title SUCCESS with a message indicating the number keys claimed (e.g. ‘Successfully claimed 1 key(s).’). Click the CLOSE button to dismiss the dialog.


Now that the Claim Keys process has completed, the Activation Id / Host Id column for the selected product is populated with the Activation ID which is a 42 character string value that can be used to activate the product license.


You can now copy the Activation ID string directly from the web interface and paste it into a text file to save it or alternately you can use the Email option to mail the Activation ID to the email address associated to your Community / Licensing Portal login. An Activation ID string that is emailed will be stored in a .xml file. Since the license configuration dialog of the application does not provide an option to specify the license using the .xml file you will need to copy the Activation ID from the .xml file before entering it into the license configuration dialog.


  7. Now that you have a node-locked Activation ID available, start the application (e.g. GeoMedia Desktop) and when the dialog appears with the text “Welcome to the Hexagon Geospatial licensing wizard.”, select the second radio button option with the title “Node Locked Activation ID”. Then copy the Activation ID from the text file where you saved it in step 6 (or copy it from the ActivationIds.xml file that was emailed from the Licensing Portal) then paste that Activation ID into the “Node Locked Activation ID” field. Click the Next button on the dialog and you should see a second dialog with the text “You have completed the Hexagon Geospatial licensing wizard.” Click the Finish button on this dialog to complete the license configuration/activation process.


Note that you can also activate a node-locked license by installing the 'Geospatial License Administrator 2018' utility and using that software to activate the license.  The steps for performing that workflow are the same as that documented for a concurrent license in the Knowledge Base article... 


How to install Geospatial Licensing Administrator 2018 and activate a concurrent 2018 license?


Therefore, please refer to that article if you wish to use the Geospatial Licensing Administrator to activate the node-locked license.