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How to Activate concurrent 2018 Activation ID licenses using an ActivationIDs.xml file?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-29-2018 09:13 AM (1,929 Views)


How to Activate concurrent 2018 Activation ID licenses using an ActivationIds.xml file?


The Licensing Portal provides the option to select multiple Activation IDs and then have those Activation IDs emailed to you as a single ActivationIds.xml file. The .xml can then be used to activate all the licenses contained in the .xml file at once via the 'Geospatial License Administrator 2018' application. 


Here are the steps to activate your licenses using the ActivationIds.xml.


  1. From the Start menu, select the 'Geospatial License Administrator 2018' entry to open the ‘Hexagaon Geospatial License Administration (Administrator)’ utility.


  1. Select Licenses > Activate Licenses from the menu to open the ‘Activate Licenses’ dialog.


  1. Click the ‘Browse File’ button to open the ‘Define Import Activation File' dialog.


  1. Click the ‘Browse’ button to the right of the ‘Import Activation File’ field to open the ‘Select activation file’ dialog


  1. From this dialog, navigate to the folder containing the .xml activation file that you obtained from the Licensing Portal. Select the .xml file and then click the Open button.


  1. The path to the selected ActivationIDs.xml file will now be shown in the ‘Import Activation File’ field of the ‘Define Import Activation File’ dialog. Verify that this is the intended file, and then click the OK button on the dialog.


  1. The list of product licenses contained in the ActivationIDs.xml file that you opened will now be displayed in the ‘Activate Licenses’ dialog. There is a checkbox in the left-most column that is selected by default. All license entries that are checked will be activated when you click the Activate button, so if there are any license in the list that you do not wish to activate, uncheck them at this time. Once you have confirmed that the checked list represents the licenses that you intend to activate, click the Activate button.


  1. Next click the Close button on the ‘Activate Licenses’ dialog. The license service should now be running and the ‘License Sources’ list should show the name of the license server for the concurrent license service (with the list of licensed products that are available shown below the server name). This list of products should include the licenses that were activated in the previous step via the ActivationIDs.xml.


For information regarding the installation of the ‘Geospatial 'Geospatial License Administrator 2018' software refer to the article ‘How to install Geospatial Licensing Administrator 2018 and activate a concurrent 2018 license?