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How to Create a 16.0 or 16.5 (offline) License in the Licensing Portal

by kendallbird on ‎11-10-2017 11:06 AM - edited Wednesday by Technical Evangelist (4,016 Views)
  1. Log into the Licensing Portal
  2. Select the large Manage Licenses button.
  3. If you do not see the license your want to create/claim you can enter product name, Tag, Department, Contact etc. on the search bar.
  4. For this example, we will be claiming a 16.5 license for GeoMedia Professional. Check to make sure licenses are Available for Licensing. Click on the product name, a Details page will open.

  5. Select the Create Licenses tab. The Create Licenses dialog will open.
  6. Select 2018 (16.5x) from the Select Target Version pull down. An Offline Licenses checkbox displays.
  7. Check the offline Checkbox. The Offline Create Licenses dialog is displayed.

  8. Select the Quantity of licenses you want to create.
  9. For this example, we will be using a Composite ID to license, so select Composite from the Offline License; Type pulldown.
  10. Enter your composite Host ID as the Offline license - Node Locked: Host Id.
  11. Optionally, enter a contact. Contacts can be selected from the list that displays when the word 'Contact' is selected or if a contact does not exist Create New Contact can be used.
  12. Click the Create Licenses button.
  13. If you did not previously check the Email Licenses checkbox, you can still email or download the license. To do so select the box to the left of the license you just claimed, tabs are activated. The tabs give you options to Download, or Email, the license. For this example, choose Download Licenses to download the license file.


  14. Your download will start right away and you will use this .lic file to run your product.
by mmajewsk
on ‎12-07-2017 03:23 AM



Probabely there is a typo in point 1. Shoud it be Licensing Portal in point 1 instead of Geospatial Portal?



by cec5
‎05-25-2018 05:46 AM - edited ‎05-25-2018 05:48 AM


on ‎07-11-2019 01:16 AM

I believe that for version 16.5 and above, the correct procedure for offline licensing is to raise a support ticket and submit Composite ID with the ticket.