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How to Return Activation IDs from Trusted Storage

by Technical Evangelist ‎03-04-2019 03:32 PM - edited ‎03-21-2019 07:09 AM (614 Views)

Activation ID's

An activation Id is a 42-character code that represents your 2018+ license. One of the biggest advantages of using activation-based licensing (activation id's) is that it allows you to self-manage your licenses in the Geospatial Licensing Portal and Geospatial Licensing Administrator.


Trusted Storage

Activation Id's use Flexera's concept of "trusted storage". When an activation id is activated in the Geospatial Licensing Administrator, key binding parameters (MAC address, Volume ID, etc..) from the system are used to uniquely identify the system. This information is used to form a "trust" relation between the system and the Hexagon Flexera Network Operations database. The trust relation is established only during the activation process, so an internet connection is only required when performing the activation in the Licensing Administrator.


The key trust parameters used for binding are weighted and scored. If one or more of the parameters used to establish the trusted relationship are modified, then the trusted storage may be "broken" (e.g. untrusted). This untrusted state occurs when the score falls too low at which time the license is considered "untrusted" and no longer be valid for the system. Therefore prior to making any changes to the hardware or MAC address, you will want to use Geospatial Licensing Administrator's, License > Deactivate / Return command to return all activation id's so that the licenses are not invalidated.

Note: If working with a Virtual Machine (VM), see also this article concerning Geospatial Licensing and Virtual Machines.


Deactivate / Return

In Geospatial Licensing Administrator, the License > Deactivate command allows you to deactivate the activation id's (licenses) on the machine so the same activation id values can be used on a different system or even the same system (e.g. after hardware changes). An internet connection is required for activation and deactivation workflows.


Typical Deactivate / Return License(s) Workflow:

1.  In Licensing Administrator select License > Deactivate / Return command.

The Return Licenses dialog is displayed showing all licenses stored in trusted storage.

2.  Copy these lines to Excel or notepad by:

     (a) Select the first line

     (b) Press and hold the <Shift> key and select the last line.

All lines are selected and highlighted.

     (c) Press <Ctrl> <c> to copy the lines

     (d) Paste these tab delimited lines to Excel or Notepad and save the document.

3. On the Return Licenses dialog, double-click on each box along the left so all activations are selected (checked).

4. Select the Return button

The activations listed should disappear from the dialog.

5. Select Close

The activation id's saved in step 2 can now be used with the Licensing Administrator's, License > Activate command on another system or activated on the same system after system changes have been completed.