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How to activate Multiple Licenses from the Licensing Portal

by on ‎03-02-2018 02:19 PM (1,864 Views)


  • Check each activated license to be imported into Licensing Administrator.


  • In the top left corner of the portal click the tool icon and select email from the resulting drop down3.png


  • An XML file will be emailed to you containing the activation ID’s for each product you selected in the portal4.png
  • Save this file in a location you’ll remember
  • Open the Geospatial Licensing Administrator and select License>Activate Licenses5.png
  • In the resulting box select ‘Browse File’ and type the path of your XML file






  • The keys will now be ready to activate just check the box next to each one and click ‘Activate’8.png
on ‎04-09-2018 01:36 AM

I've done this work but I got an error "Unable to activate a license on Windows Server 2012 with Error 51404 = flxActTransactionSend: GEN: Failed to send request. Unable to connect to server http:'//".Coulp you pls help me how to resolve them?image.png