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How to create a license based on a hardware key (dongle)?

by Technical Evangelist ‎09-26-2019 01:53 PM - edited ‎09-27-2019 10:12 AM (132 Views)


When a hardware key is being used, what information needs to be provided in the Licensing Portal on the ‘Create Licenses’ dialog to create a version 2016 or 2018 offline certificate-based license (.lic file)?


When using a hardware key the following settings need to be made on the ‘Create Licenses’ dialog:


  1. From the Type dropdown list, select VENDOR_DEFINED.
  2. In the Server ID 1 field, enter the string INGRTSHWKEY= followed by the actual hardware key id after the equal sign. 

For example, if the hardware key id value is 3ad26d97 you would enter this string into the ‘Server ID 1’ field:



Full instructions for creating a certificate-based license (.lic file) for an offline 2018 license or 2016 license are available in the articles linked below.


How to claim an offline 2018 license from the Licensing Portal?

How to claim a node-locked 2016 license from the Licensing Portal?


These example instructions specify the Type as ‘Composite ID’ on the ‘Create Licenses’ dialog, so if using these instructions, be sure to substitute the values shown above for the hardware key instead.