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How to license Hexagon Geospatial products with file (.lic) offline based licenses

by Technical Evangelist ‎11-10-2020 04:17 AM - edited ‎01-28-2021 01:39 AM (424 Views)


How to license Hexagon Geospatial products with file (.lic) based licenses?


Since version 2018, Hexagon Geospatial products use a licensing methodology that no longer requires license (.lic) files.  The new licensing method uses an Activation ID that is more secure and easier in use.

Activation-based licenses require internet connection during activation step.

Not all machines have access to the internet for the activation so for such cases, Offline Licenses can be claimed from the Licensing Portal -


Offline term is used to define that an internet connection is not required and the licenses generated are of the legacy .lic based format.

The below steps can also be used for older 2016 licenses as well as evaluation licenses that are delivered as .lic files.


Licensing products with Node-locked .lic files

There are two ways to add the Node-locked license:


Option 1. When you don’t have Licensing Administrator installed:

  1. Place the Node-locked .lic file to C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses folder
  2. In the C:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing folder insure that the INGRTS_LICENSE_PATH file contains the path to the .lic file. 




If not, you can manually add it by editing this file via Notapad.


Option 2. Using Licensing Administrator:

  1. If C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses path is not available by default in License Sources, you can add it via License Management>Legacy Licenses (*.lic)>Add Nodelocked License Source




  1. Then you can either place a node-locked .lic file to defined folder or use License Management>Legacy Licenses (*.lic)>Import License File. The last option will place a copy of selected license to the defined Node-locked license source.


Licensing products with Concurrent .lic files


Concurrent licenses require Licensing Administrator to be installed to start the license service:


  1. Download and install the latest Licensing Administrator tool available on our Download page
  2. Run Geospatial Licensing Administrator and navigate to License Management> Legacy Licenses (*.lic)>Import License File


  1. In the opened Import License File dialog window, select your Concurrent .lic files and click Open. This action will place a copy of those files to C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses\Server folder and attempt to start the license service, for which user has to have admin rights.


If License Service failed to start, you might want to review this article on how to configure ports for licensing


  1. Once License Service is started, it is ready to host licenses to the machine, where it is configured, as well as to client machines.


Here is an article on how to configure client machines to access the license server