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How to make the most out of your free geospatial licenses for students

by angelamanchester on ‎06-21-2017 11:11 AM - edited on ‎08-03-2017 12:24 PM by kendallbird (1,172 Views)


Does Hexagon Geospatial provide Student Licenses. If so, what licenses are included and how do students make use of them?


This outlines instructions and detailed products available under the Educational Program. This program is for, and administrated by Universities. Contact your instructor if you wish to obtain Hexagon Geospatial Licensing. If your University is not currently with Hexagon Geospatial, Professors can contact us to enquire further.

  1. Confirm with your professor if the student licenses provided are from the ‘Campus-Wide Grant’ or the ‘Educational Desktop Package’. This will affect the products to download and install. Once package is confirmed, Refer to the following Release Guides, depending on the package you have access to and confirm your computer system is supported. This information can be obtained within the System Requirements section.

Campus-Wide Grant

The free Student Licenses provided under the Campus-Wide Grant includes access to ERDAS IMAGINE Essentials and GeoMedia GIS Essentials. Refer to the following Release Guides:

ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 Release Guide

GeoMedia 2016 Release Guide

Note – the installer for essentials and professional software are the same. Within the software, under essentials licensing restrictions will be on place for particular processes locked to higher level licenses.


Educational Desktop Package

The free Student Licenses provided under the Educational Core Desktop package include all of the following licenses; IMAGINE Professional, IMAGINE Expansion Pack, IMAGINE Photogrammetry, IMAGINE Terrain Editor, PRO600 CART, PRO600 DTM, GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia Transportation Manager, GeoMedia Advanced Collection and ERDAS APOLLO Essentials

 Refer to the following Release Guides:

For all ERDAS MAGINE and PR0600 products refer to the   ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 Release Guide

For all GeoMedia Products refer to the GeoMedia 2016 Release Guide

For ERDAS APOLLO Essentials refer to the ERDAS APOLLO 2016 Release Guide

  1. Navigate to hexagongeospatial.com > Support Tab > Downloads

Filter by Product Family and/or Product to download the required installers.

Take note on the Details page for any perquisites for installation


  1. Once your professor has provided your unique LAC code for licensing, refer to the licensing training video to license your machine: http://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/Licensing/Installing-a-Hexagon-Geospatial-Nodelock-License...


  1. Participation in the free eTraining Modules is highly recommended: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/eTraining/ct-p/eTraining