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How to re-host a license on the Licensing Portal?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-27-2019 12:16 PM - edited on ‎07-13-2020 07:29 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,136 Views)


What are the steps on the Licensing Portal to re-host a license so that the license can be used on a different computer?


A license re-host may be required if you need to move a license from one computer to another.  A re-host is typically only necessary for certificate based licenses (.lic files) since Activation ID licenses can be moved to another computer without the need to re-host as long as the Activation ID is returned from the original computer (using the Geospatial Licensing Administrator software) prior to using the Activation ID on another computer. 


For instructions on returning an Activation ID based license from a computer using Geospatial License Administrator refer the article…  How to return an Activation ID license using Geospatial License Administrator?


The steps to re-host a license from the Licensing Portal (for either a version 2016 or later offline certificate based license or a 2018 or later Activation ID based license) are shown below:



  1. Login in to the Licensing Portal using your Hexagon Geospatial Community login/password via the URL:


  1. Go to the ‘View Claimed Licenses’ tab to see all created licenses for your account.


  1.  Click the ‘Rehost License’ button. This will open a Re-host Licenses dialog. Select the version of the license that you are re-hosting and enter a reason. Click Select Products button


  1. Check the checkbox next to the licenses you would like to rehost then click the Confirm Selection button.rehost3.PNG
  1. The confirm selection will show you the licenses you are going to rehost. Click the Re-host licenses button to to complete the rehost which will generate a new Activation ID or .lic file.    rehost4.PNG

 6. You can now use this new re-hosted Activation ID or .lic file to license the application.


Licenses under contract may be re-hosted once every 6 months free of charge. In all other cases a re-host is subject to a re-host fee. Re-hosts and return procedures are subject to approvals. Upon approval the new license information will be sent via email.