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How to upgrade licenses on the Licensing Portal?

by Technical Evangelist ‎10-16-2019 03:43 AM - edited ‎12-03-2019 04:23 AM (627 Views)


How to upgrade licenses to a later version on the Licensing Portal?


When a license is upgraded on the Licensing Portal it is normally a 1:1 replacement of the current license. This means if the license is certificate based (.lic file), it will remain as a certificate based license after the upgrade. Likewise if the original license is Activation ID based it will remain as an Activation ID based license after the upgrade.


The only exception to this behavior is for 2016 (16.0) licenses. Activation ID licensing was introduced with the 2018 (16.5) release, therefore a user upgrading a 2016 (16.0) license is provided the option to upgrade to a 2018 'offline' (certificate based .lic file) license or upgrade to an Activation ID license.


To upgrade your license(s) please follow the steps below:


  1. On the Licensing Portal ( go to the View Claimed Licenses tab


Note! Upgrade action is available on the Manage Licenses tab as well.


  1. Select license(s) you need to upgrade to a common version and click Upgrade Licenses action. The 'License Upgrade' dialog is displayed.



3. On the 'License Upgrade' dialog, select the Target Version to which you want to upgrade all of the licenses.


4. If you have selected any 16.0 version license, you can either check the option for '16.0 Licenses - Upgrade to Offline' to upgrade the license to 'offline' or uncheck the option to have the license upgraded to an Activation ID.



Note: Licenses that are not valid for upgrade will be grayed out. To be valid for upgrade the selected license must have active maintenance or, in case of Software product category, the Ordered Product Version must either be the same or newer than the Target Version.


5. Click the 'Upgrade valid licenses' button to perform the upgrade. The licenses that were upgraded will be highlighted in green.


6. Click the 'Close' button once the upgrade is complete.