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How to use both Nodelock and Concurrent license servers giving the Nodelock license the priority.

by kendallbird on ‎06-30-2017 07:02 AM - edited on ‎12-20-2018 01:24 PM by Moderator (856 Views)


I have a mixed nodelocked and concurrent licensed infrastructure. Because of that, some clients are set up to request license node-locked as well as concurrent from server.


Is there a (clientside) opportunity to prioritize node-locked before concurrent requests? 


If you have privileges to access/unhide the C:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing folder, there should be a file name INGRTS_License_Path.  This is a file you can open in any text editor such as Notepad.exe.  In this file, you specify the order you want the software to use.


For example, if you want the Nodelock to have priority and only look for a concurrent server if the Nodelock license is not available, then in this file you would put the path to the Nodelock license, followed by the pointer to the server.  i.e. C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\License;@mylicenseservername


If you do not have sufficient privileges to access the program data folder, then inside GeoMedia Professional, you can use the configuration wizard to specify the text that gets written into this file.  In the configuration wizard, you would select Concurrent Server.  In the text field, you specify C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\License;@mylicenseservername.  That text will be written to the file that you cannot access manually.