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License Return methods: Licensing Portal vs. Licensing Administrator

by Technical Evangelist ‎10-04-2019 12:34 AM - edited ‎10-04-2019 12:39 AM (453 Views)

There are two methods available to return licenses:


  1. The first one is found in the Geospatial Licensing Administrator. License menu > Deactivate / Return License(s). It removes the selected Activation ID from the computer's trusted storage. Afterwards, the same Activation ID can be reused (activated again) on the same system or other systems. The Activation ID is still valid in this case and will still be available on the Licensing Portal. This return option is the only one available for node-locked (NL) licenses.



  1. The second return option is on the actions line on the Licensing Portal and is ONLY available for concurrent (CC) licenses. It returns the Activation ID back to our database and sets the Activation ID as "Inactive". When using the return option on the Licensing Portal the Activation ID will disappear since it has been essentially retired. You can then generate a new Activation ID if needed. The return option on the Licensing Portal does not have the capability to remove or return the Activation ID from the client system's trusted storage, thus the user ends up having an orphaned (albeit harmless) and useless Activation ID installed.




The second return option using the Licensing Portal should only be utilized to change the quantity of seats per one Activation ID. If the machine where a license has been already activated cannot be accessed or the return function in the Geospatial Licensing Administrator results in an error then either the Re-host or Return option can be used from the Licensing Portal.


If you will deal with concurrent licenses, always start with using the License menu > Deactivate / Return License(s) option in the Geospatial Licensing Administrator to return the Activation ID prior to performing a return in the Licensing Portal (if it is actually required).