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Student Licensing Guide

by SethChristopher on ‎04-05-2018 12:00 PM (3,232 Views)

What is included in the EDU Core Student licenses?

Everything that is in the EDU Core Bundle is also available in the Student license - https://www.hexagongeospatial.com/industries/education/desktop-education-program

Basically: ERDAS IMAGINE, Expansion Pack, Photogrammetry, GeoMedia etc.


Step 1: Decide what Version you want to use?

Since March 1st 2018 there are 2 main versions available. If the license was created before the first of March all licenses are Version 2016 (16.0-16.04) but they can be upgraded to 2018.

  1. 2016 Portfolio (Version 16.0-16.04)
  2. 2018 Portfolio (Version 16.5.)

Because all Student licenses are Nodelocked – they can only run Version 16.5 when they are upgraded to Version 16.5. This is different for CC (Concurrent) license Servers (EDU CORE), they can run all Product Versions from 14.00 to 16.05. 

See: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/Licensing-Knowledge-Base/Will-16-5-licensesrun-16-0-products/ta-p/18870

  • You need to decide whether to run the latest Version only if you upgrade the licenses!
  • Already running licenses of 16.04 will still run after an upgrade
  • We advise to always run the latest version


The Licensing Portal https://hexagongeospatial.force.com/licensing is where the professors or University License Administrators will go to claim keys to generate the concurrent licenses.  In the Licensing Portal, they will also find all the keys for the students to use.  


Step 2 (optional): Update your licenses to Version 16.5 (2018)

Log-In to the licensing portal. https://hexagongeospatial.force.com/licensing

Check all the licenses you want to upgrade. In the example (showing 10 out of 375). Select all items and click “Upgrade”




Step 3: E-Mail or Copy the Activation Key

Select all License-Activation keys you want to E-Mail.

  • Select – click on the tool and hit “E-Mail” license.
  • A list of all Activations keys are sent to you



Step 4: Download the Software

Go to: https://download.hexagongeospatial.com

Download for example ERDAS IMAGINE 2018: https://download.hexagongeospatial.com/downloads/imagine/erdas-imagine-2018


All older Version are in the Download Portal as well.


Step 5: Claim the Student License

Case 1: The new Version 2018 

This Case is the easiest to activate, the Professor simply E-mails the activation Id in the licensing portal to the student and the student then follows this procedure:

                Install the Software 



The Installer will ask you to install the License Tools:



Choose the Software items



Start the Software7.jpg

When you run the Software for the first time it will ask you to define the licensing procedure




As a Student – just copy the Activation Key into the field and click on “next” then "Done"



CASE 2 – Version 16.0 – 16.04

In the older Version (16.0-16.04) license files need to be generated and installed.

Since it can be inconvenient for a professor or License Administrator to generate license files for the students, there is also a public Student portal. 




In this portal, the student enters the SW key, their professor should have E-Mailed them from the licensing portal, in the activation id field and clicks Verify. 


If the key has not been fulfilled, the portal will allow the user to click Claim Key


A Generate License dialog will display where the student specifies their name, email, and host id.

The Host-Id is shown and explained in the installation documents!


Click Generate License, the license file will be emailed directly to the student.