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User Management Instructions for the License Portal Administrators

by Moderator on ‎01-31-2019 12:07 PM - edited on ‎09-16-2019 04:10 AM by Technical Evangelist (358 Views)

The User Management tool is critical to the licensing of Hexagon Geospatial products for your customers and users. This information is provided for License Administrators who will define, activate, deploy and assign licenses and manage users within their organizations and for their customers.


The new User Management tool enables you to grant your customers access to their Licensing Portal. This functionality gives you the ability to control your customers access, eliminating the delays associated with validation and processing.


Customers who have purchased Hexagon Geospatial software from our partners are asked to contact their partners directly in order to gain access to the licensing portal.


Customers who request License Portal access directly from the Hexagon Geospatial Division will be directed to the appropriate Partner's License Administrator.


Additional information on User Management can also be found at:



Following are directions on how to grant a customer user access to the Licensing Portal:


1. If you are a license admin, please login to the Licensing Portal.

2. In the right upper corner, click on Manage>Users.


3. You can now see all the users that belong to your account.


4. By clicking on the magnifying glass License_admin5.pngnext to the account name, you can now switch to any of your customer accounts. 

5. After selecting one of your customer accounts, you will see all registered users that exist for this customer.


6. What do the User Roles mean?


a. None: This is a legacy setting and should be changed to User.


b. User: This person is registered at the Community and has access to the Licensing Portal but can only see those licenses which are assigned to this specific person.


c. Administrator: This person is registered at the Community and can access the Licensing Portal as License Adminstrator. This person can see all the licenses which are associated to an account and has the ability to management users.


7. To change an existing user's User Role select the down arrow beside the User Role, and change the role to either User or   

Administrator. Save your edits by clicking on the blue disk.License_admin8.png

8. To create a new user select the 'More Action' icon License_admin9.pngand then Add users > Create users. Instructions will be displayed explaining how to enter user information.

9. Once all user information has been added click on 'Create Users'. LicensingPortalUserManagement6.pngThe user's account is created, and a Welcome email is sent to the invitee. The Welcome email includes: login URL, set password URL and a registration summary.

10. As a last step assign the corresponding role to the new invitee, as described in step 7.