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Why is the Return option not enabled in the Licensing Portal for a node-locked license?

by Technical Evangelist ‎09-27-2019 07:56 AM - edited ‎09-27-2019 08:35 AM (118 Views)


When a node-locked license is selected in the Licensing Portal why is the 'Request Return' or 'Return License' button disabled?


The only licenses that can be returned in the Licensing Portal are concurrent  licenses. The return of node-locked  licenses is not supported, meaning it is not possible to return a node-locked license so that the existing license is removed from the Licensing Portal and the license is added to the count of available unclaimed licenses.


However, if you have no current plans to use the node-locked license, you can use the Tags field in the Licensing Portal to annotate that the license as unused so that you know that it is available to be used on another computer.


The Tags value will allow you to ascertain (when reviewing the licenses in the Licensing Portal) that this specific license is currently unused and thus is available to be used on another computer. At the point that you use the license on another system, you can then edit the Tags attribute to remove the 'Unused' value and add the appropriate values to the Contact and Department fields for the license.


To specify a Tags attribute value for the license, use the steps below:


  1. Login in to the Licensing Portal using your Hexagon Geospatial Community login/password via the URL:


  1. Click the ‘Manage Licenses’ button to display the list of available products.


  1. Find the row for the Product that has the node-locked license that you want to specify as unused. You can use the Search field to filter by product name, Activation ID, or Host ID if needed.


  1. Click on the row containing the product name. This will open the Details page for that product with a list of command buttons.


  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the row containing the desired node-locked license which will enable the command buttons including 'Change Attributes'.


  1. Click the 'Change Attributes' button, and from the drop-down menu select 'Change Tag’.


  1. On the resulting dialog enter the desired value (i.e. Unused, Available, etc.) in the Tag field and then click the ‘Save Tag’ button.


Note: If the node-locked license is an Activation ID license then you will need to use the Geospatial Licensing Administrator utility to return /deactivate the license from the computer where it was previously activated in order to activate it on another computer when you are ready to use the license again. For a node-locked certificate based license (.lic file) you would need to re-host the license to use it on a different computer.


Instructions on returning an Activation ID license from a computer where it is currently activated can be found in the article linked below:


How to return an Activation ID license using Geospatial License Administrator?