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Registered: ‎01-14-2016
Accepted Solution

GeoMedia Essentials 2020 license failure



We're trying to install GeoMedia Ess 2020 on the same Server where we are going to install GeoMedia WebMap Pro 2020.

And we have a problem with the licensing of GeoMedia Ess 2020.


We have NL lic that was added to License Console (see the lic info attached).

When we launch GM and indicate either localhost or name of the server  - in both situations, the message comes with that there is no valid license (see the log info attached).


OS - Windows Server 2016.

Firewall is shut down.


Would be glad to receive your advises and assistance, guys!



Kirill & Liza

Technical Evangelist
Posts: 140
Registered: ‎07-04-2016

Re: GeoMedia Essentials 2020 license failure

[ Edited ]

Hello Kirill & Liza,


Here are few points that might help:


  1. Node-locked licenses are locked to a specific machine or dongle and can be activated/used only on a single machine. Concurrent are network floating license allows a user to use a license from any machine that can access the identified license server.
  2. Since you are having GeoMedia Essentials license, you need to ensure that your GeoMedia installation is configured for the "GeoMedia Essentials" tier. I believe you can do it using GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard.
  3. To license your GeoMedia Essentials product with Node-locked license, you need to:
  • Login to the machine, where you have installed GeoMedia Essentials (make sure installation is configures for the Essentials tier)
  • Place the license file to C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses folder
  • Via some Notepad edit the INGRTS_LICENSE_PATH file in C:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing folder to include following line:



  • Try to run the application again
Kind Regards,
Marina Vardovska
Hexagon Geospatial Support
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎01-14-2016

Re: GeoMedia Essentials 2020 license failure

Marina hi,


That's helped.

We didn't know that GM Ess doesn't need a license server.


Thank you so much!



Kirill & Liza