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Analyzer Cluster Marker Problem ME

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Hi evereyone, I have recently installed the latest version of MApp Enterprise, 




I notice there are changes in Analyzer, with feature data i see some problems in my Analyzer, I have done some tests using Vector Set, Live Data and using sqlquery in Online Source. 


With Vector Set i can't change the Display mode (Point Symbols to Cluster Markers), the option simply no showing, only i can see the points vía Pont Symbols by default. 


Using Live Data the Display mode appears, in Point Symbols mode i can see all point in the right place, but, in Cluster Markers always some point go to bad place, something similar to the next post




With sqlquery in Online Source i can see in right place if using Point Symbols, and Cluster Markers is ok too. 


But sometimes i need to refresh the browser because behavior is not constant


And With sqlquery in Online Source, maybe with many records you can get poor performance.

Another thing I notice is that I see some screens that other people upload to the Community with the POPUP with different characteristics from the one that my Analyzer applications continue to show.


Does anyone else have these problems?


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Re: Analyzer Cluster Marker Problem ME

Hi esalgadoe,


The cluster marker functionality evolved from the default behavior in MAE 2019 Update 2. This was documented in the Release Guide for that update.


For Update 3 in order to activate the cluster marker display the Advanced mode is enabled and type is set to 'Cluster'.


In addition, the cluster distance setting needs a value and from the 'Geometry' tab the cluster here requires that lat/long or x/y fields be exposed as attributes in the dataset and set accordingly. These can be added via GeoMedia Desktop application or using JS and Functional Attributes in the Analyzer View.


Specific to the cluster, the default behavior restoration from past versions that didnt require the setting of lat/long or x/y fields was missed in version 2019 Update 3 and is to be included in the next release. In the meantime, you may request via Support Ticket the hotfix version for Analzyer Views to restore this.


I'm not sure specifically what functionality you are referring to when you mention that your version of Analyzer Views looks different than others. It could be that what you see in others is from the 'Advanced Mode' that you havent explored yet. It is possible as well that the screenshots or examples you see elsewhere are from Smart M.Apps Analyzer Suite, which is a different flavor of similar functionality. It's hard to see without a specific example.


I hope that helps you gain some clarity on this topic.

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Registered: ‎10-10-2015

Re: Analyzer Cluster Marker Problem ME


Hi @sclow thanks for your answer.


My database is Postgres 9.6. 


I continue doing tests with Analyzer with Cluster Markers.


In all cases all point are ok in Primary or Display in Point Symbols.




This is my results witn Vector Set and Advanced Mode for Cluster Markers.




And the functional attribute for extract coordinates doesn't work. 

  1. return turf.centroid(currentRecord["geometry"]).geometry.coordinates[0]




With LiveData i can use Cluster Markers without using advanced mode, the result is this. 2 points bad.




if I activate Advanced Mode Analyzer automatically creates longitude and latitude attributes, but the result is the same. 2 point bad. 


With SQLQuery every point is displayed well, in the right place, without the need for advanced mode. I know this is a posible solution to see ok Cluster Markers but with a lot of points the performance could be bad.




And this is the popup window, in SQLQuery, the x and y coordinates were automatically generated by Analyzer in EPSG 4326. 




I see this popup window from sturcato post. I don't know if the difference in the popup is because I use M.App Enterprise Essentials and maybe sturcato is ussing Professional. This is what I mean when I say looks different.


Annotation 2020-04-14 194248.png


Thanks in advance.

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Posts: 84
Registered: ‎10-10-2015

Re: Analyzer Cluster Marker Problem ME

At the moment, the best option for me is to keep the coordinates in the database or generate a view that adds the coordinates.


And then use your post 




I just discovered it. Smiley Wink