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Another Date Format in M.App Enterprise workflow

Dear all,


Is there a way to change the default date format in a workflow,

for example I have a list that shows a field of type date; I want to show it in a format like 'dd-MM-YYY' as '4-october-2018'.


Kind Regards


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Re: Another Date Format in M.App Enterprise workflow

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One way to do this would be using a sqlselect on the field like (for postgres like below, sql server and oracle have different data formatting implementations):


You might need to set the field to type="textfield", datatype="string" for it to be displayed correctly.


If you need the field to have a datepicker for saving/editing the value, you could have one formfield visible="form", type="datetimepicker", datatype="datetime", and one non-persisted formfield visible="list" that has the sqlselect=".." statement, using type="textfield", datatype="string".


Hope this helps.


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Re: Another Date Format in M.App Enterprise workflow

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I manage to display date in format as given. But is there any way that I can sort the order of the date?


I've tried using this sqlselect as


sqlselect="SQL[ORDER BY to_char(DATE_START_12001,'dd-month-YYYY') DESC]"


but it gives error. Guide me.