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Registered: ‎04-24-2017

Atributte clustering from a view from SQL Server

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As the subject describes i want to create this 2 features:


  1. Load a view to M.App Enterprise Studio from my SQL Server database.

I have a table in my DB with a polygon geomtery (perfectly loads into M.App studio) and I have a table in other server, where is an attribute that I need to represent on the polygons.

But, when I try to load my new view as a vector it does'nt appear.

My question is, What should I do to load a view, it is possible? or what sould i do instead of this.


2. Clustter value instead points.


I have a point vector layer loaded and it clustter without problems, but I want to symbolize the value of one atributte instead the total of points, what i mean is, if there's 3 poins together and one point has an attribute with the value 3 and another with the value 2 and the other one with the value 1, the clustering result show 6 instead of 3. It is possible?


I tried to clariffy my question as I can, if is not clear, just ask.

Thanks a lot.