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Accepted Solution

Boundary data not loading correctly or behaving as expected

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Hello community,


I've got an issue with my analyzer view and i hope someone can help.

I've built an analyzer based on polygon features and it's all good.

The polygons represent an administrative level (something equivalent to municipalities).

Now i tried to add a boundary data which correspond to the counties level.


However, i just have one polygon in my view after applying the boundary.

And at the same time, when i try to open the counties level as the feature data i do get all of them.

Note that in that case, when i clic on on polygon, it is not the one selected but another one few polygons away that get selected.


Here are some screen caps to show you what i mean.


When i add the counties layer as feature data




And when i select one (note the mouse position and the selected polygon in blue)




And now when i add the same layer as boundary data (i just have that one polygon at the top left)




Have someone observed the same behaviour?

How can i fix this?


PS: My data is in postgis server and i have created vector sets with it and using it in the view.


Thanks in advance



Regular Contributor
Posts: 197
Registered: ‎03-04-2016

Re: Boundary data not loading correctly or behaving as expected

Turns out, i was too quick and didn't take the time to set up the primary and foreign keys in the next tab.

So if anyone run up to the same behaviour you know what it means now.

Smiley Very Happy


I can't believe myself. I need a little break i guess.