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Caching 'My Geoservice' - no Geoservices listed


Based on data of the official surveying I have created different Geoservices (WMS, WMTS, WFS) in i. My Geoservices and ii. Geoservices. The Vector data used for the geoservices are not cached.



I would like to cache the created Geoservices. Unfortunately, none of the Geoservices is listed in Cache -> Job -> New -> My Geoservice.

How can I cache my Geowervices to improve performance? 


Many thanks and regards,


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Re: Caching 'My Geoservice' - no Geoservices listed


It's also happening to me. Have you found any solution?


Thank you


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Re: Caching 'My Geoservice' - no Geoservices listed

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hi Hella, hi Elisa,


the type of cache in M.App Enterprise can be:

  1. Vector data (flat vector cache)
  2. Vector Sets (multi level vector cache with geometry simplification and merging of features in each tile)
  3. WMTS (multi level raster cache)

Thus, since your layers are live, the only type of cache you can create is for WMTS services.In the creation of your geoservice you will need to set a scale and format in the WMTS section. However the WMS configured will be consuming vector data as live features.

If you want to create fast responding web services with lots of features I would strongly recommend to set the vector data as cached, so that it will be used also for WMS services. In this case there is no need for Vector Set cache. 



Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial