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Registered: ‎04-24-2017

Complete installation Guide for MAE 2019


I'm looking for a complete installation guide for MAE 2019, i didnn't found it into the community or documentation (Only found a from cero istallation) portal.

I need to update my old version.



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Re: Complete installation Guide for MAE 2019

Hello elflakoconk,


The procedure of installing the core M.App Enterprise (MAE) hasn't change since previous versions. The installation guide found here is still relevant to MAE 2019.


What has changed since this guide is the additional components of Geoprocessing Server and Luciad Fusion Server. On top of that we made a change to include documentation for MAE here on the community. In this way I can appreciate that it would be nice to have a one stop complete guide.


For now the guide I mentioned previously should be familiar from past versions and it will be relevant for the core MAE. Specific to MAE 2019 you will find additional information here including a link to the instructions for installing the new in 2019 version Luciad Fusion Server component.



Posts: 35
Registered: ‎04-24-2017

Re: Complete installation Guide for MAE 2019

Hi, thank you for your time.

Now I already have another version installed, and the guide talk about an empty DB. I need only to totally uninstall old version and install the new one?

what about my tenants, data, maps, etc?

thanks again.

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Re: Complete installation Guide for MAE 2019

The uninstallation doesn't remove any DB configuration, all your tenants and their data will remain in the database unchanged.

Once you install the new MAE version, the DB schemas get upgraded automatically (if needed) and you should be able to continue using the software.

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