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Accepted Solution

Connections missing after upgrade to 16.5

The content - connection dos not provide any row, but there are 4 rows in the SELECT id, datasource, connectionstring  FROM mapp_connection; my master DB is postgis and all 4 connections are to the oracle database. These 4 connections were add in

16.1.2332.4 or previous version and worked well.

There is any log (attached), but I'm not sure, if it is in relation with this issue. (the id from log  is not any from the SELECT id  FROM mapp_connection


Any idea?

Many thanks



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Re: Connections missing after upgrade to 16.5

Hi Jan,


it looks like your tenant has not been properly upgraded. Is the tenant DB in PostGIS too? Can you please check if this post is relevant to your case?






Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
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Re: Connections missing after upgrade to 16.5

Went to simething quite simillar with connection list not showing in my workflows, running the updater using DB admin user fixed the problem