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Creating a Mail Trigger

Hi All, 


I have a Basic workflow where i select a point edit its attributes and save. Now i want to create a mail trigger that will always send an email once there has been editing. 


I am asking for assstance. I have never created one before . 


Kind Regards


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Creating a Mail Trigger

Hi Siya,


It's pretty simple, in the Workflow Editor, click on a Workflow node which you want to attach SendMailTrigger to.


Then drag'n'drop the MailTrigger onto the form:


And fill in some values. Here's a XML for simplicity:

<WorkflowTrigger name="MailTrigger" type="MailTrigger" method="action">
     <Param name="From" value="{FORM.From}" />
     <Param name="Recipients" value="{FORM.Recipients}" />
     <Param name="Subject" value="{FORM.Subject}" />
     <Param name="Body" value="{FORM.Body}" />


<WorkflowNode id="NewCrime" controller="Form" form="NewCrimeForm" emptyform="true" follownode="CrimeList">
  <WorkflowTrigger name="SendMailTrigger" method="after" type="MailTrigger">
   <Param name="From" value="user@domain.com" />
   <Param name="Recipients" value="recipient1@domain.com" />
   <Param name="Subject" value="Crime happened: {FORM.TYPE}" />
   <Param name="Body" value="Test" /> 


Jan Neumann
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