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Custom RIA App

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What are the steps to create a custom RIA app within M.App Enterprise?

I can create app using 3D map to display the specified layers at legend

But i want to customize the browser app (with the 3D Map) by adding extra panels & javascript code

JS code samples only availiable to customize Map, Bi Map


Is there is a step-by step toturial or samples for 3D Map?




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Re: Custom RIA App

Hi Maha,


Ria code samples are currently being worked on and are planned to be released together with the new MAE release (~Q4).


I've at least checked on how to basically access the current Ria API and got the following example which works fine when it's put into JS panel of a 3D Map:

// Luciad modules can be loaded with require()
const ReferenceProvider = require("luciad/reference/ReferenceProvider");
const ShapeFactory = require("luciad/shape/ShapeFactory");
const bounds = ShapeFactory.createBounds(ReferenceProvider.getReference("EPSG:4326"), [-74, 1, 40, 1]);

// The map instance is bound to 'map'

You can put debugger; statement before them to inspect the inner behavior. But the modules seemingly refer to what can be found in LuciadRia documentation. There's a complex developer guide available here:
- https://dev.luciad.com/portal/productDocumentation/LuciadRIA/docs/documentation/LuciadRIA_DeveloperG...
- https://dev.luciad.com/portal/productDocumentation/LuciadRIA/docs/documentation/
(you must register for the access, the registration is free)

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