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DESKTOP - Support for keyboard shortcuts

What keaboard shortcuts MAE DESKTOP supports? Is there a documentation for this?


The only ones I know of are:

  1. Alt + (Arrow key): for paning.
  2. Ctrl + L: open log file
  3. Ctrl + Shift + L: open log file folder
  4. Ctrl + Q: fast search
  5. Ctrl + Space: stop editing. Doesn't work for me
  6. F#: Snapping toggling
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Re: DESKTOP - Support for keyboard shortcuts

[ Edited ]

Hi erangr,


There isn't documentation specific to keyboard shortcuts for MAE and the desktop client. I think it is a good idea to compile them and have them documented. We can work to get this together and exposed on the community.


Here are a few more that I am aware of and have used over time. You may find one or more useful.