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DESKTOP - TOOLTIP - How to modify decimal field values to integer using HTML\CSS\JS?

I want to display a tooltip of a certain decimal fields value as an integer (without any trailing decimal point and additional decimal number), without changing the underlying data type.


How can I change the number display format using HTML\CSS\JS?


From what I've managed to understand so far from a simple web search, is that this cannot be done using solely HTML or HTML and CSS combination- JavaScript must be used.


  1. Is this can be done (in a reasonable effort, that is)?
  2. If so, how?
    1. How can one refer an HTML tooltip to a JS file, like being done in the WORKFLOW context?
  3. Please don't spare any details, for I'm quite unfamiliar with these languages syntax and deployment methods.
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Re: DESKTOP - TOOLTIP - How to modify decimal field values to integer using HTML\CSS\JS?

Hi erangr,


Yes you are correct. The CSS can be formatted directly in the tenant database MAPP_VECTOR table for the desired tooltip.

However, CSS will not format the attribute value and for that JS is needed.

AFAIK there is not a reasonable way to accomplish this in Desktop.

You may include a custom script with the JS formatting function to a workflow and have this task be a user initiated action, but we are now having to consider the amount of effort.

It could be easier to format another attribute at the database level that drops the decimal places and use that as the Tooltip attribute.


The JS is more easily applied in Analyzer View tooltips by way of functional attributes.