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Accepted Solution

Digitizing Error

Good Day Community,


I have encountered a digitizing error which states that i am not using right geometry type when digitizing. I have imported a single polygon and when i use the statement SC.digitize('Buffer', {commands: ['NEWPOLYGON'], startOnLoad: 'NEWPOLYGON'}). It gives me an error in which i have to check my log file.


22023: Geometry type (Polygon) does not match column type (MultiPolygon)


I will append the error message as well as my log file with an example of the error i am facing.




As you can see it is a single Polygon





I have appended my log file at the bottom of this post.


Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,




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Re: Digitizing Error

it seems the client is trying to send back a polygon type to the server, while the geometry type is MultiPolygon. Could it be you have changed the type after the import of the vector data into Studio content?


You may either convert the geometry type now:

Alter table  table1 alter column geom type geometry (polygon,srid)

or try to remove vector data from content and add it again.




Stefano Turcato
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Hexagon Geospatial
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Registered: ‎02-02-2018

Re: Digitizing Error

Hey Stefano,


Thanks for your quick response.


I found the solution. I was trying to write a new shapefile to an existing shapefile that has multi polygons. Instead of creating a new table in postgres called 'buffer' and appending the shapefile to that table.