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Edit Geometry Bug MAE

An error of no feature selected pops up when edit geometry action is selected. This occurs even though there exists a valid geometry in the DB. 

Also, when exit edit geometry button is selected, the user isn't referred back to the workflow form. Note, this doesn't affect the older version of MAE as I tested or tried to replicate this on both vesrions. 


See video attached.

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Re: Edit Geometry Bug MAE

Hi Aki007,


I have moved your post from 'General Discussions' to M.App Enterprise discussions to get you specific feed back.


I cant see from your video where you have selected a geometry to be edited. Given the prompt message you recieve that is good thing to confirm. In quick testing here, I was able to use 'Edit Geometry' tool in MAE without getting this prompt message.


Unfortunately, from the video and your description there isn't enough information to draw more conclusion or put in advice than this. At least for me it leaves too many questions to narrow focus at this point. You might include additional information here, such as your 'Edit Geometry' Action definition in the .xml. You may wish to submit a Support Ticket to get further investigation.

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Re: Edit Geometry Bug MAE

please check the edit action definition carefully on this tutorial:



you must provide the id of the feature to be captured in to the SC.digitize method.

Another thing to check is the data type for the ID field. In some older versions there was no type checking and sometimes you could get it working anyway. I would also check the width of the number, there are limitations in the .NET framework for some DB vendors.

Stefano Turcato
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