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Editing features with arches in M.App Enterprise Desktop

[ Edited ]

I have a point feature served up from SQL Server (not cached) called JobDetailsLive displaying in Desktop.

I can

  • create new feature fine va SC.digitize('JobDetailsLive', {commands: ['NEWPOINT'], startOnLoad: 'NEWPOINT'})
  • if existing feature has no geometry, can use SC.digitize('JobDetailsLive', {commands: ['MOVE','NewPoint','Rotate','Delete'], startOnLoad: 'NewPoint'}, [{FORM.JD_ID}]) to add point to existing feature fine
  • if try to edit existing point geometry via SC.digitize('JobDetailsLive', {commands: ['MOVE','NewPoint','Rotate','Delete'], startOnLoad: 'MOVE'}, [{FORM.JD_ID}]) it crashes
    Feature to be edited is active and selected prior to running SC.digitize.

In desktop log file I obverve:


8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM FINEST: Request Url: https://demo.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.co.nz/api/v1/features/JobDetailsLive/bbox?featureIds=ac83e8... --> [SwingWorker-pool-20-thread-5] com.hexgeo.enterprise.kernel.AuthorizedRequestFactory.createGenericUrl
8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM FINEST: [[LayerContentRequest for JobDetailsLive tilesToClose: 40375649-404d-4dda-bc62-99ec9476aa71 tilesToLoad: []]] --> [MapContentController] com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentLoader.load
8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM FINEST: Maplayer disposed:JobDetailsLive --> [MapContentController] com.intergraph.web.viewer.map.GAbstractDisplayLayer.dispose
8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM INFO: start loading of [] --> [MapContentController] com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentLoader.lambda$processNew$14
8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM SEVERE: Error while loading geometries. --> [MapContentController] com.intergraph.web.plugin.edit.EditPlugin$1.contentRequestDone
java.lang.IllegalStateException: No geometry of the given id list was found! [layer = JobDetailsLive, ids = [AttributeImpl [type=class java.lang.String, value=ac83e8c4-0f91-406f-bc9f-723a5a8ee44c]]]
at com.intergraph.web.plugin.edit.EditPlugin$1.contentRequestDone(EditPlugin.java:492)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentRequest.fireRequestDone(MapContentRequest.java:56)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentLoader.load(MapContentLoader.java:71)
at com.hexgeo.enterprise.loader.MapContentController.run(MapContentController.java:81)
8/05/2018 9:31:55 AM FINEST: WebBrowser with target 'main' closed! --> [SwingWorker-pool-20-thread-6] com.intergraph.web.plugin.media.MediaSupportPlugin$1.browserClosed


Interesting thing to me seems to be the disposal (removal) of the point feature class JobDetailsLive prior to the edit, thus can't find the geometry.

Full log attached MAE_20180508_09_31_29.log


I also tried to use following function to ensure feature is active and selected prior to the digitize. It fails with same message in log.



function editJobLocation(JD_ID){
SC.digitize('JobDetailsLive', {commands: ['MOVE','NewPoint','Rotate','Delete'], startOnLoad: 'MOVE'}, [JD_ID]); 


M.App Enterprise v16.1.2.2113


Currently not urgent - demo / learning environment.

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Posts: 455
Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: Editing features with arches in GeoMedia Desktop

Copy of Workflow attached

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Posts: 455
Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: Editing features with arches in GeoMedia Desktop

[ Edited ]

Changed the Desktop M.App defn from EPSG:2193 to EPSG:3857 and now the edit existing geometry works.


  • JobDetailsLive dataset is EPSG:4326, other datasets are mix between EPSG:4326 and EPSG:2193
  • Some of the datasets (looks like EPSG:4326) were showing weird when display system was EPSG:2193. Swapping to EPSG:3857 they now seem to be behaving. (they would disappear in some areas, then reappear when zooming out.)
  • EPSG:2193 is NE axis order, EPSG:3857 is EN axis order. Don't know if that might be issue, but has caused problems in other sw.


I'm assuming this is a issue with display in EPSG:2193, or is desktop limited to EPSG:3857 display?

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Posts: 455
Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: Editing features with arches in M.App Enterprise Desktop



Dataset Coord SystemDisplay Coord SystemGeometry TypeCachedDisplaysCan edit via workflow
43262193PointNoYN (crashes)
43262193PointYesYnot tested
43263857PointYesYnot tested
21932193LinearYesYnot tested
21933857LinearYesNnot tested
43262193PolygonYesPartial (some areas display, some don't)not tested
43263857PolygonYesYnot tested
38572193LinearYesNnot tested
38573857LinearYesYnot tested
38572193Imagery (WMS)n/aYn/a
38573857Imagery (WMS)n/aYn/a
38572193Imagery (WMTS)n/aYn/a
38573857Imagery (WMTS)n/aYn/a



I also observe when editing the Desktop M.App using the 'Transfrom' from 3857 to 2193, the 2193 N-E are reversed. I have to swap them over before content displays in the desktop map.