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Edition in Feature Analyzer

Edition in Feature Analyzer


Some one knows if there's possible to enable some edition to the data (attributes) in the feature analyzer view?

If it is possible, please tell me where can i find some info.

Thanks alot.

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Edition in Feature Analyzer

Hi elflakoconk,


Analyzer Views (AV) is not functionally a data editing application.

Attributes can be added and manipulated to some degree using Functional Attributes, but traditional data attribute editing is not available.

There is however the 'Update Interval' button which allows a user to edit the data outside of AV and for the AV to update with the latest version of that data periodically. More information on that can be found in the documentation.


Posts: 35
Registered: ‎04-24-2017

Re: Edition in Feature Analyzer

Thank's for your answer.

I actually using the update interval, but i need to constantly update de vector set...(it's another theme)

I'm inseriting a new point periodically by another aplicacion, i'm using a postgres/posgis DB and when a new point is added it goes to coordinate 0,0 (next to Africa), when re-publsh the vector set it goes to it real location.

Do you know if theres a proces to automatically re-publish the vector set constantly?

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Re: Edition in Feature Analyzer

There is indeed a way to update the vector set, you have to set a "job" under the cache tab, but, please consider that depending on the data the job may use a lot of resources, there for you can only set the job to run on a max frequency of hours. If you need something that updates more frequently you can use a WFS if your data set is not too big for that.