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Accepted Solution

Error building vectorset

We have just installed M.App Enterprise 16.1.1 on a clean server, adn loaded into a PostGIS database some polygon data that we have used before for an Analyzer View, but then the data was in Oracle.


When trying to create teh vectorset, I get the error - 


Npgsql.PostgresException: XX000: Relate Operation called with a LWGEOMCOLLECTION type. This is unsupported.
Severity: ERROR
SqlState: XX000
Code: XX000
MessageText: Relate Operation called with a LWGEOMCOLLECTION type. This is unsupported.
Hint: Change argument 2: 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POLYGON((-2766.83534794704 6707635.50929965,-2787.14664732...'
File: lwgeom_geos.c
Line: 1532
Routine: errorIfGeometryCollection
Layer Name: london_borough
at MApp.TileService.TileCreator.BuildQuadTree(IEnumerable`1 layers, VectorTileCache cache, IQuadTreeCondition`1 condition, Double tolerance, Int32 zoomLevel, String tileType, Int32 srid, BoundingBox& bounds, IDictionary`2& simplifiedNumPoints)
at MApp.TileService.TileCreator.CalculateZoomLevel(IEnumerable`1 zoomLevelLayers, Int32 srid, VectorTileCache tileCache, Int32 scale, Double tolerance, Int32 zoomLevel, VectorZoomLevel& vectorZoomLevel, MAppQuadTree& mAppQuadTree)
at MApp.TileService.TileCreator.CreateVectorSetZoomLevels(VectorSet vectorSet, IEnumerable`1 layers, Int32 srid, List`1& tileInfoZoomLevels)
at MApp.TileService.TileCreator.CreateTiles(VectorSet vectorSet, IEnumerable`1 layers, Int32 srid)


Checking the data in GeoMedia seems to show that it is clean of loopbacks & kinks.


Any thoughts on a resolution to this please? Are there other PostGreSQL extensions that should added, in addition to postgis? 




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Re: Error building vectorset

Hi Richard,


The error is from Npgsql, the in use ADO.NET Data Provider for PostgreSQL. The error is due to trying to call an intersects or contains type query as part of the Publish Vectorset process on a Geometry Collection feature class, ie, one composed of some mixture of points, lines and polygons.


If the geometry is valid as you have checked you may separate out the area features (functional attributes) for 'london_borough' and output the result to PostGIS. This then should allow the publish vectorset to go ahead as it will no longer be a geomcollection type.



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Posts: 141
Registered: ‎02-17-2016

Re: Error building vectorset

I have encountered this error again on a different dataset, so generated base geometry, then used that in M.App Enterprise. This has now built vectorsets ok. Thanks,